Providing connection & support for Black women.

Mo Better Wellness, Connection & Facilitation supports Black women through groups, workshops and retreats and partners with organizations to create a workplace where Black women can thrive.

Connection & Support for Individuals & Organizations through Consulting, Groups, Workshops & Retreats

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"Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better." -Maya Angelou

As Black women we are expected to be Superwoman. To our own detriment, we sometimes put these expectations on ourselves. At some point, somethings gotta give because the superhero role is not realistic or sustainable. At Mo Better WCF, we create spaces where Black women can and will thrive. 


Partnering with organizations to do better and be better.

We would like to partner with organizations who are ready to engage in difficult conversations and who are ready to receive constructive feedback.  Most importantly, we want to work with organizations who are ready to make some real changes that will positively impact current and future Black women employees. It is our belief that these changes will positively impact the entire workplace culture.

About Mo Better Wellness, Connection & Facilitation

Mo Better Wellness, Connection & Facilitation was created as a response to the dire need for us as Black women to have a safe and affirming space to replenish what has been given and often taken away. For our own well being and survival, it is crucial that we take the needed time to Relax, Reflect and Refill. Then and only then will we have the capacity to fulfill our own unique destinies and positively impact the destinies of others. 

Wellness Reflections


It’s Really Not That Serious

During the course of my day, problems and difficult situations tend to get brought to my attention. Sometimes the problems directly concern me, but often

“10/10 would highly recommend. It was helpful having a space with other Black women to share and connect. It was so nice being able to come to the space and be myself fully.”

“It was amazing to be in an intergenerational space of diverse Black women. I’m thankful for the opportunity to be in community, to be held accountable, and to grow! Thank you for reminding me I’m not alone.”