Finding Wellness and Balance in My New Normal

Prior to the pandemic my schedule was always full. After work I often had evening meetings several times each week. My weekends were also booked. If I didn’t have something scheduled on Saturday, I definitely had something scheduled on Sunday. There were multiple times when I was double and even tripled booked. Sometimes I would have to make an appearance at one event before heading over to the next one or I had to choose one event over another.

My normal routine abruptly changed when the pandemic began. At first, one thing after another was crossed off of my schedule. After a while new things weren’t even being added to my schedule, because so many of my regular activities or events were postponed or cancelled. Crossing some things off of my list felt like a blessing and a relief, but cancelling or missing other things filled me with a sense of loss and sadness. To counter these feelings, each day I focused on the things (even seemingly mundane things) that I was grateful for or that brought me joy-made me smile or made me laugh.

When things started opening up last Spring, it was tempting to start filling up my schedule again. I intentionally resisted this urge to go back to my old normal. Since my calendar was pretty much empty, it was so much easier to be spontaneous when someone wanted to get together. It was also liberating to choose to do the things that I actually want to do, including the things that bring me joy.

I want to hold onto my new normal because I am beginning to truly find wellness and balance in my life. During the work day, I definitely work hard. However, during my personal time I am choosing to do what I want. Sometimes what I want to do may be doing absolutely nothing at all.

Be well!