Take a Break

I don’t know about y’all but I am tired. I am a young Black woman currently working from home and I am also very aware of the state of the world. I am someone who is consistently grounded. I work well during chaos and pride myself in coming up with solutions in a crisis. I did well with working and having a healthy social life balance. I set boundaries and I know how to say “no” very well. The problem is what happens when work and home life become blurred when you are working from home? That is where things shifted for my mental health. I didn’t know when my day ended or began.The days started to not have names anymore..it was just a work day or a weekend and then it was still confusing. I didn’t know how to shut off because a place that was my escape became my work environment. Sweatpants and slides became my everyday attire and bras was a thing of the past. I didn’t understand the value of taking time off because I was at home. I was in a weird mindset. Then I decided to take a couple days off from work for the first time in 6 months. Writing that sounds wild but it is so true. I realized I didn’t have a break…a real break in 6 months. I was so used to having trips set up during the year or weekend plans or fun happy hours during the week that I didn’t realize I have been on GO since the pandemic started. I write this all to say…please take a break. Don’t read your emails, don’t talk about work, ignore your co-workers, pretend you don’t have any responsibilities and just take a BREAK. It feels so good. I am laughing louder, sleeping in later, drinking way more water, running miles, drawing random doodles and occasionally swiping on some cuties on the dating apps. For someone who preaches about self care I wasn’t taking care of myself and now I have y’all to keep me accountable. You need a break. Don’t feel guilty for putting yourself first. The work will happen and the job will get done. Your wellbeing means more than anything. TAKE A BREAK….PERIOD.