Reflection Q’s

As 2020 comes to an end and 2021 approaches, we wanted to give you some questions to reflect on. We use these questions everyday to reflect on our life and our decisions. It has been very helpful this year.

Is this bringing me joy?
Am I setting an unrealistic timeline for myself?
Do I need a break?
Did I drink water today? Have I eaten today & what did I eat?
What am I willing to let go?
Do I need to say yes to this?
Do I need to say no to this?
What have you done for yourself today?
What have you done for others today?
Do I need to set boundaries?
Do I want this? Do I need this?
Do I need to respond right now?
Do I need to unplug?
Do I need a hug?
Do I need an encouraging word or compliment?
Do I need to release? Do I need to cry?
Do I need to go to sleep now?

Give yourself graceYou are loved.

-Aasha & Darcell