Poetry By Aasha

I decided to share some poetry that I wrote recently. I have been having a lot of feelings lately and one way I express myself is with words. I hope you enjoy.


And you want me to keep on….
Keep smiling
Give you my radiance
Give you my grace
Give you my ideas while you rewrap them as your own
You want me to still make you laugh
Do a job
Be thoughtful and ladylike and loving and sweet and happy and lovely and and and and and
While you still hurt me and pull me and torture me and drag me through the mud and mistreat me and belittle and lie to me and steal from me and and and and and

And you say to me “I see you and I hear you”  and “I wish I could do this” and you don’t.

And when I don’t give
Or when I show pain
Or when I’m just mad
Or when I really really hate being here

You are confused. Can’t understand. Because the keep on keeping on woman you knew is gone.

The smile is gone.
Radiance has dimmed a bit
My grace is limited
My ideas are dried
My jokes are empty

And and and and and


I finally ate
After sitting for hours rocking back and forth trying to muster up an appetite
I finally warmed my food
And took bites
Because if I don’t eat I won’t have the strength to fuck some shit up


We do so much for you.
Birth you.
Feed you.
Raise you.
Care for you.
Help you.
Cook for you.
Labor for you.
Teach you.
Perform for you.
Sweat for you.
Bleed for you.
Cry for you.
Lie for you.
Die for you.

We are your mother. Sister. Daughter. Friend. Co worker. Your cousin. Your aunt. Your neighbor. Your lover. Your joy. Your peace. Your safety.

You take take take take

And what do you leave for us? What do we get to have in return?

Empty promises.
Crocodile tears of compassion.

And hashtags

And hashtags