Let’s Talk About Settling

Hi friends. It is your friendly neighborhood home girl about to give you a message you probably don’t want to receive. Listen up buttercup and open your heart to this. Stop settling. Stop being miserable for the sake of “love” and familiarity. There are too many people, too many islands, too many restaurants, too many experiences to settle for mediocre. We can’t settle for bare minimum relationships/friendships. Life is too short to live like that. It’s bad enough we have to work (gross) for the majority of our lives but then have to settle to be in a relationship too??? No Ma’am. That will not be your destiny. We don’t claim that for you. That isn’t in our cards. So if you feel like you are working so hard to hold on to something that doesn’t serve you…I need you to let go. Give it up. Give it a rest and do a reset because we are NOT SETTLING FOR LESS. Again. Anymore. Ever. Forever.