It’s Okay to Not Be Okay

During this pandemic I have had to really sit with myself. I can’t distract myself with going out to happy hour, going to the stores and shopping or booking a ticket and traveling. I have had to sit with being uncomfortable, lonely, sad and with my insecurities. It hasn’t been fun feeling these feelings and having to stay in the house. I have seen so many engagements, baby showers, weddings and home purchases. I have realized I can be happy for people and also be frustrated with where I am in life. I know we shouldn’t compare ourselves to others but we can’t just close our eyes to others accomplishments. Comparing ourselves is so normal and I know why we shouldn’t do it. I know I can focus on what I do have and I can also reflect on what I don’t. I am human. I can feel multiple things at once. I don’t know who needs to read this but you are not alone. Give yourself permission to feel your feelings. It is okay to not be okay.