9 Things I’ve Learned Since Being In My 30’s

1. Being alone is okay. Taking space away from friends and family is healthy.

2. Your time is precious…fill it with people and things that bring you joy and fill your cup

3. No is a full sentence. You don’t need an explanation for your decision to tap out.

4. Setting boundaries is scary and so necessary. You also don’t need to feel bad for the limits you set with people. You gotta put yourself first.

5. Getting older is weird. I’m relearning to love my body everyday. I am accepting the fact that I can’t dictate the winkles, stretch marks, gray hair, random aches and pains. Practicing being thankful for my health and limbs that get me to where I need to be.

6. Water is your friend. Lemon water. Ice water. Room temp water. Whatever. Drink water.

7. Say yes to things that scare you. Healthy things. Healthy challenges.

8. Mental health is important. Therapy is dope af.

9. Go outside.